Twerking Butt – The Future Has Come

Twerking ButtThe future is NOW? The future of Cybersex, that is. It has arrived. The most immersive experience one can expect from a sex toy is here with Pornhub’s new Twerking Butt. The experts at adult video sharing site got together with the ones at Topco Sales, and together they made male masturbation a lot easier and very cyber-y.

The best of sci fi in sexual stimulation with actual twerking movement is here to rock a man’s world. Only, it isn’t fiction any more. It’s a HARDCORE reality (excuse the pun please). For, the cyberskin clad female butt will twerk at a customized pattern and speed at your will.

As the name suggests, the Twerking Butt is a replica of the female derriere and sports two orifices, one simulating the ass, the other the vagina. Both textured tunnels are designed to feel like the real deal, and who can give up the temptation to have sex without having to actually cuddle up after the act. Guess what, the insides even warm up to a toasty 98.6 degrees F, simulating a woman’s love tunnel to the T.

That’s what we call Cyber sex served on a platter, with a cherry on top. And the cherry is an App for smartphones, aptly named TwerkingButt. Download it onto your phone (works on iOS and Android) and start playing preloaded videos or add your favorite ones from your personal collection. Ms Twerking Butt will yield to your needs solely. Heck, she even twerks at your command!

Comes in 2 variations

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who is the Twerkiest of them all?

The Twerking Butt comes in two different variations – the Classic and the Deluxe package. Both versions of this saucy package are controlled by the downloaded App, massage your meat popsicle, vibrate on command and make the most explosive cyber sex experience possible for you. Covered in genuine cyberskin that feels like you are inside a real person, warm insides and pattern adjustment via the app means the future has come. The 3D VR headset plays your favorite video, and coupled with the twerking butt itself, the experience is likely to be one you will get addicted to very soon.

There’s one difference between the Classic and the Deluxe package. The Classic version doesn’t twerk. Sure it vibrates and lets you set the pattern and pace of the stimulation, but for a Mia Khalifa twerking sesh you gotta chekc out the Deluxe version of this wonder joy toy.

What Else Comes With the Futuristic Sex Toy?

The package includes items that you require to complete the experience and also care for your Twerkign Butt.

  • Power adapter
  • Cable
  • VR Headset for life like experience
  • Water jet for cleaning
  • Storage bag

The Twerking Butt comes clad in a black thong, so Ms. T Butt doesn’t flash her assets all the time, and you can keep her clean. Store in the bag provided for long term use. If you are using lube – which you should be using – go for a water based lube. That’s the safest bet. Also a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner will keep your masturbator in good shape.

Go ahead, hold the future in your hands and make use of your virtual reality experience to the fullest!